Betty - TripleSpin

Roulette Side Bets

How does it work?

TripleSpin is a Roulette Side Bets game inspired by the classic American roulette. To launch it you only need CYCLOPS display and TripleSpin layout.

All colors, signs and winning events are newly designed and not borrowed from other casino games.

Beside the winning number from the live roulette two additional numbers come out from two virtual wheels. These three numbers are the Side Bets combination.

betty: The Roulette Refresher

TripleSpin side bets

All different colors

Pay-Out: 22:1
Casino Hold: 11.73%

All black

Pay-Out: 7:1
Casino Hold: 7.89%

All red

Pay-Out: 7:1
Casino Hold: 7.89%

All same numbers

Pay-Out: 1200:1
Casino Hold: 12.27%

Two zeros

Pay-Out: 400:1
Casino Hold: 13.71%

Seven at any wheel

Pay-Out: 22:1
Casino Hold: 11.73%

Two same numbers

Pay-Out: 10:1
Casino Hold: 12.42%

Triple Spin

Pay-Out: 3:2
Casino Hold: 8.08%


  • attract gamblers to Roulette tables and raise casino hold
  • easy to understand - inspired from traditional Roulette
  • wide payout range - from 3:2 to 1200:1
  • easy to implement - only display and layout needed
  • applicable with any regular roulette wheel
CYCLOPS TripleSpin display screenshot

Betty - The Roulette refresher!

Modify your own TripleSpin

  • Casino logo and style (display & layout)
  • Other kind of Side Bets can be added
  • Double zero version

Easy to play!

TripleSpin gameplay

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